Esports Part 2 – Betting

The burgeoning Esports industry presents an ocean of opportunity for the world of sports betting. While almost most every established sports betting company worldwide already has Esports divisions and daily bets available, the lack of cohesive and consistent Esports calendar discussed last week presents a major roadblock for revenue. This post will discuss the monstrous potential held within Esports betting, and the drawbacks that may … Continue reading Esports Part 2 – Betting

Pricing Structures in the Video Game Industry

A tall stack of game CDs next to your console or PC used to be standard sight for any avid player; the oldest games’ cases evermore squished under the weight of each new and redundant instalment of COD. Fortunately, these days are for the most part, gone. The transition from physical game disks to online libraries has been brought about primarily through changes in pricing … Continue reading Pricing Structures in the Video Game Industry

The Decline of Split-Screen Gaming

When Mikey the Gamer got his first Xbox in 2002, he and his friends couldn’t wait to come home after school and fight side by side against the forces of evil. They huddled around his 30-inch CRT television which flickered whenever his mum had the oven on, each of them peering eagerly at their own division of the screen. These were the early days of … Continue reading The Decline of Split-Screen Gaming

Botting in Virtual Economies

‘Bots’, short for robots, are automated software programs which aid gamers in various ways. Bots are most common in MMORPGs, where they’re programmed to play the game autonomously without human direction, but they can also be used in FPS games for a range of distinct functions. Since the inception of online gaming, ‘botting’ has spread throughout the virtual community. In this post I discuss the … Continue reading Botting in Virtual Economies